3 Tips To Improving Quality Score

While Google remains mum on the exact formulas they use to calculate quality score, there are a couple factors that we know for sure can help boost your click-through rate and increase overall quality score. These following 3 steps will help raise your score, and as an added benefit, help lower the cost-per-click, giving you … Read more

5 Reasons You Need Google Plus for Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Google + was created with the intention of going head to head with other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  Google saw the long game and wanted to capitalize on the social media action. After getting off to a slow start, Google+ is now quickly being recognized as the most valuable social media property. … Read more

What You Need to Know about Google’s Hummingbird Update

The internet has been buzzing (and mildly panicking) recently over the latest Google algorithm update and what that means for SEO. The good news is that Hummingbird wasn’t just sprung on us – Google has actually been introducing it over the last few months as an addition to its current search model. What’s changed: When … Read more