5 Marketing Tips & Resolutions For 2017 (No Diet Required)

New Year's Marketing Resolutions and Tips for a more successful year - Automated Marketing Group Award Winning Agency in Littleton Denver Metro

At the dawn of a new year, you’ve probably spent some time this month thinking about personal resolutions. Whether you’re planning to hit the gym, set a budget, or stick to a diet, don’t forget to think about your business! The beginning of a new year is a great time to evaluate your current marketing … Read more

The Shrinking Challenge of Marketing Online

Mobile Search Habits & Google's Micro Moments

People are spending a lot of time online using their phones, but only in short bursts of activity. What does that mean for businesses? According to Google, businesses must adapt to changing mobile search habits in three ways: be there, be useful and be quick. That’s the topic of our latest article in Mobile Marketer: … Read more

Stand Out on Social Media! 6 Tips for Success

6 Marketing Tips for your small business to Stand Out in Social Media

In a competitive zone like social media, brands have two choices: 1. Stand Out or 2. Become Irrelevant. For many shop owners, social media can be intimidating. Maybe you aren’t sure what to post or how often to post it. Maybe you don’t understand why it is valuable and worthwhile. Or maybe you do, but … Read more

Best Marketing Agency in “Best of Colorado”

Automated Marketing Group in Denver wins Best Marketing Advertising Agency in Colorado

Our team is honored to be named Best Marketing Agency in the “Best of Colorado” Business Choice awards from ColoradoBiz. Learn more in the press release below and catch us in the printed copy of the magazine. Thank you for your support! — Automated Marketing Group rises to the top of the state’s ad/marketing agencies … Read more

Is Your Website Holding you Back?

Is your Web site design holding your business back - find out from the marketing experts at Automated Marketing Group, serving small to medium sized local businesses

With your customers spending so much time online, websites are the digital storefront for businesses. Is yours preventing you from reaching your full potential? A good website takes design, message, usability, and search.

Did you know… Websites Expire?

Did you know that websites expire? Just like the food in your fridge, your website can go bad, spoil, and make your business sick. But unlike food, you can’t always tell when your website is spoiling. Maybe it’s moldy landing pages that are underperforming. Or maybe it’s stale content that has lost the right flavor … Read more

Marketing Mishaps: Why you need to know your Customers

Remember the Burger King mascot? The creepy version of Burger King’s “King” – a man dressed in robes with a smiling face, beard, and regal crown – did more harm to the fast food burger joint than good, due to a marketing mistake in identifying the real BK customers.

Casting Hope for Autism: Kiddie Pole Classic

Automated Marketing Group is a proud sponsor of the second annual Kiddie Pole Classic! Participants big and small will join the fishing competition on September 27 to raise money, and hope, for kids with autism. So go fishing – we’ll take care of your marketing.