5 Marketing Tips & Resolutions For 2017 (No Diet Required)

At the dawn of a new year, you’ve probably spent some time this month thinking about personal resolutions. Whether you’re planning to hit the gym, set a budget, or stick to a diet, don’t forget to think about your business!

The beginning of a new year is a great time to evaluate your current marketing strategies and practices to improve your results into the new year. Our team of marketing experts offer 5 tips for setting your marketing resolutions and increasing your results in 2017:

1. Evaluate Your Year

As you start a new year, take some time to look back at the last year. Recognize areas where you succeeded and areas where you struggled. If you saw huge success with a project, think about how you can duplicate it for even more success in the new year.

2. Listen to Your Customers

Marketing strategies should be tailored to your customer base. Marketing to your existing customers can foster customer loyalty, and understanding your best customers helps to attract more customers like them. Know your target market in order to develop a more personalized experience for them. Your biggest fans can be valuable advocates ‚Äď show them that you’re listening.

3. Get Creative and Personal

Original and personal content performs best. With ever-changing social environments, including changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, brands need strategic content to make an impact.¬†Combining unique posts with Facebook Advertising allows businesses to optimize and grow their reach and community online.

4. Measure Your Efforts

The best marketing strategies involve continuous measurement. Automated Marketing Group takes the time to recognize and establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business. Our marketing team monitors your ongoing campaigns to continuously improve and optimize your results.

5. Nurturing and Retargeting

For most websites, very little¬†web traffic converts on the first visit. But that doesn’t mean that consumers are never going to convert. By reaching out to people who were interested¬†again, you can keep your business and brand on their minds. Retargeting with¬†Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising has become a very successful marketing strategy.¬†Ask our experts if this is an option for your business.


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