How Email Marketing Creates Stronger Customer Loyalty

The world of digital marketing is comprised of different techniques to reach and retain customers. Email marketing is one such technique. According to Hubspot, 77% of marketers have seen more engagement with their emails within the past 12 months. This is a powerful way to reach your audience and share your messages. Let’s take a look at ways that email marketing services can create stronger customer loyalty.


There are better opportunities for personalization with email marketing services. Customers like to feel that they aren’t just a number in the crowd. The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t appeal to many customers. If you plan to use personalized content, you need to be prepared with information concerning customers’ purchasing behaviors and lifecycle changes. When customers sign up for a loyalty program, you’ll receive a wealth of data that can help you personalize on a more meaningful level.

Loyalty Emails

It’s been shown in marketing research that loyalty program emails perform 14 times better than regular marketing content emails. This is because these emails are highly personalized. This helps them resonate more meaningfully with customers. You should use loyalty program data to customize emails.

Engagement Between Purchases

Another significant benefit of email marketing is that it gives you the opportunity to engage customers in between purchases. You can share new promotions, sales, or rewards that the customer may have earned since their last purchase. If the customer is part of a loyalty program, these emails can also keep them up to date on their points and rewards.

Turn Customers Into Advocates

With the power of email marketing, you can turn loyal customers into brand advocates. Social media channels make it easier than ever for individuals to communicate about what they love. Through personalized emails, you can reach out to customers who might be interested in sharing their positive experiences through social media. You can also share URLs delivered by email that allow customers to refer friends. It’s been proven for decades that the most powerful form of marketing and advertising is always word of mouth. In our digital world, this is the same as social media sharing.

These are just a few ways that email marketing can help you build customer loyalty. If you’re interested in learning more about digital marketing, please contact us at Automated Marketing Group today to find out how our services can help you.