The Shrinking Challenge of Marketing Online

People are spending a lot of time online using their phones, but only in short bursts of activity.

What does that mean for businesses? According to Google, businesses must adapt to changing mobile search habits in three ways: be there, be useful and be quick.

That’s the topic of our latest article in Mobile Marketer: Stay on top of mobile search habits to benefit from Google’s “Micro-Moments”

When people search on a mobile device, they are usually focused only on what they need or want right now.

Brand loyalty is out the window. They are most concerned with the specific need in the specific moment.

Which provides a unique opportunity, and challenge, for your business.

This means that if you show up with the answers they need when they need them, customers can be persuaded to buy from you.

But if you do not show up, your competition will be there to poach your customer.

The key for small businesses is knowing when to show up.

Business owners could easily spend years and a small fortune chasing new theories, testing different ideas, and relying on trial-and-error to determine when to show up online… and still never find the right formula.

Which is why business owners should consider having an experienced team of marketers handle their marketing.

Business owners have to make big¬†decisions that affect their business every day. One of the biggest questions is, “How should I invest my time and money?”¬†

As the search environment becomes more complex and how customers interact with the internet changes, the best strategies for online marketing also change.

Delivering consistently, and with the right marketing message, requires an understanding of your customer, content marketing, and search engine practices that can take years to develop.

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