Why Optimizing Your Content for Search Engines Is So Important

content marketing

Widespread access to the Internet and mobile networks enables consumers to research their purchase decisions before choosing which goods or services they want to pay to get. Consumers’ reliance on online and mobile search engines makes content marketing critically important for marketing. According to The Social Shepherd, the most in-demand digital marketing skills include content … Read more

Blog Benefits for Small Businesses


Small business owners ask this all the time – “do I really need a blog? That just sounds like a lot of extra work. I doubt our customers will even read a blog if I wrote one. So why should I start a blog for my business?” There are many benefits of adding a business … Read more

The Importance of Visual Branding


As a full-service marketing agency, AMG develops brands and images for clients from all walks of life from several different industries. From building beautiful websites, creating social media campaigns, running email marketing programs, to branding campaigns for businesses of all types and sizes – image is inherent in every aspect of marketing. One major thing … Read more

Personalize your Marketing!

personalize marketing

No matter what they tell you, it’s not about your business. It’s not about your company name. It’s not about the products you sell. It’s not about having a catchy slogan. It’s about YOU! People don’t do business with a company – people like doing business with OTHER PEOPLE. As such, your business should be … Read more

Convert Clicks Into Customers!


S.E.O. We’ve all heard of it, but what does it actually mean for your business? Search Engine Optimization involves using specific techniques to help search engines recognize that your website reflects what the user is searching for and ensure that your website gets found online. Search engines look for websites that feature quality content and … Read more


spring marketing

The changing of seasons is something everyone in your market experiences, making it a prime time of year to roll out some creative advertising endeavors. Social media contests, EBLASTS for various seasonal holidays, “warmer weather”-themed spring marketing campaigns and so on – all of these are good ways to engage your customer base between winter … Read more

The Keys to Sustaining Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty

In case you haven’t heard, Allstate Insurance is currently being sued for charging new customers less than their existing customers… Unfortunately, Allstate isn’t alone in their mistreatment of their most valuable customers. Lots of big companies – cable companies for example – are notorious for offering low introductory offers to get customers and outright ignoring … Read more

Website Dos and Don’ts

Whether you’re creating your own business website or hiring a designer, you should know the basics of what makes a site design work. Here are 10 tips that explain some simple web design principles. Don’t choose colors randomly Color selection is one of the first tasks in web design. If you already have a color … Read more

The Benefits of Professional Website Design

If you’re a small business owner just getting started on the web, you’ll find there are many tools available for creating your own site. We understand it’s tempting to give them a try, but before you jump in, consider the benefits of using a professional designer along with an integrated marketing plan from a marketing … Read more