Using Adwords and SEO Together For an Effective Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Advertising are both individually effective strategies in promoting your services or brand online, but together, they can be a powerhouse. Cohesiveness between the two helps to build a highly effective campaign with the most profitable keywords and content.

Added Exposure: Brand Recognition

The more your logo and name are seen online, the more effective your brand strategy becomes. If you are doing both SEO and PPC together, a user may see you multiple times during a single search, helping to establish and build your presence in a particular market.

Organic and SEO rankings

Organic and SEO placements work together

More Data to Analyze

By using the combined analytics from both organic and paid listings, more data can be obtained and analyzed for the most effective results. You will be able to view both organic and paid search keywords that have the highest conversion rate, and use this data to create a better overall strategy.

Use Organic Search Data to Help Determine PPC Keywords

Organic keyword data is extremely valuable when figuring out which keywords customers use to get to your site. By importing the most frequently used keywords from organic results, your PPC campaigns will start out strong and receive higher click-through rates, as you are already aware of what is triggering an active response in a potential customer. This is particularly applicable for long-tail keywords, which convert even higher since they are so specific. Long-tail keywords are search phrases composed of three or more words, providing a more descriptive search for the user.

High Performing PPC Text Ads Translates To Effective Meta Tags

Text ads that have a high conversion rate in your campaign are a great base upon which to build your meta descriptions, meta tags, and page content in order to rank organically in search results. Organically testing titles and meta tags can take a while, so PPC data is a great way to know pretty quickly what works and what doesn’t in terms of user behavior and common search terms or phrases.

If you are using Google Adwords for your paid search advertising, you can easily link up your Google Analytics account to your Adwords account and be able to access both quickly and get the bulk of your data all in one place.

Google Adwords and Analytics

Google Adwords and Analytics accounts can be linked

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