Social Media Tip: Building Relationships with Social Networking

One of the most rewarding parts about working at AMG is the opportunity to get to know each one of our clients. We love to share happy news, celebrate successes, or hear about the general goings-on in the lives of our clients. Because we truly enjoy getting to know each client, it makes us want to work hard for them and gain and maintain their trust in us. Building solid relationships with customers by utilizing social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter effectively can go a long way in making them customers for life.

What’s your favorite place to grab a slice of pizza after work?

Asking questions like this makes your Facebook page a place where people can connect, build relationships and bond over common likes.  The trick, of course, is to have a lot of these questions in your back pocket so that you’re not struggling to find something to talk about!  As you start to accumulate questions, also be sure you’re keeping track of what you’re asking.  You don’t want to sound like a broken record!

Where is your favorite place to volunteer your time?

The benefit of being a small business owner is that you are already an integral part of your community. You have a leg up on corporate competition because you live next door to your customers and have an opportunity to connect with them.

But there’s a trick here, too. If you’re not careful, you can come off like you’re seeking praise and recognition rather than trying to help folks in need. The advantage that a professional social marketer brings is the ability to walk that fine line; if you choose to do this yourself, be sure you don’t sound like you’re patting yourself on the back! Be sure to make sure you’re not permanently damaging your online reputation!

Use Social Media to Create a Community

Facebook and Twitter pages that create a sense of community instead of being just another sales message is a very good thing…and is especially useful for cutting through the clutter of corporate-speak out there.  In fact, when done right, it shows that your business has a soul.

So many businesses utilize Facebook and Twitter as a one-way channel to scream or repeat their sales message like a loud, broken record…and more often than not, this message falls on deaf ears. But creating a conversation with your customers and encouraging participation goes a long way towards building trusting relationships.  And those are the customers that will return time and time again.

Don’t know where to start? Can’t come up with questions, don’t know how to track and measure the benefits what you’ve done, or maybe you’d like some help with sounding like a caring, involved, pillar of your business and local communities – instead of sounding like you’re tooting your own horn?

Give AMG a call at 1-866-520-3030 or drop us a line! We manage our clients’ social media marketing in a way that creates relationships, builds trust, increases brand awareness, encourages participation…and we GET CUSTOMERS INTO YOUR BUSINESS!