Fish When the Fish Are Biting: Why You Should Be Advertising RIGHT NOW!

Summer is coming and I am PUMPED!

I can’t wait to have warm mornings, full bays and happy techs, walleye biting and me biting walleye, and you making lots of money like me….but WAIT!!!!!

You are going to be really, really busy this summer, right? I mean I’ve already scheduled some vacations and travel — time on both coasts and even in Alaska! I am 1000% confident that MY businesses will not only be ok, they will GROW!

How can I be so confident?

Because I have been using an Ad Budget tool (the one in the RPMToolKit™, in fact) for the last ten years…and it’s never let me down!

See…we used to believe that there were just times of the year when the shop would be dead for a month or two….we thought that things were supposed to slow down after the summer and pick back up in May. It’s always been that way….right?  Well, not for us anymore!

We figured out a few things…

  1. Seasons cannot be changed…but if we plan and purchase our advertising before the summer gets here (before we realize we need or want more business), we have it locked in before the competition has even considered what they will do! That means we are busy now…months before the competition! It also means we are not sitting around in April, May, or any other time for that matter!  Now, when things start picking up for summer travel, we’re already in full swing and we can capture many more sales each year!
  2. We need cars every day.  That’s why we don’t advertise sporadically….we do it every day! Of course, I cannot afford to mail big orders of mail pieces every day…but by synchronizing and planning all my advertising ahead of time, I can make sure that I have something going out, whether electronically or through the snail mail at least weekly! That means fewer dead spots.  It means my pipeline stays full.  And it means no empty bays or days without cars!
  3. Cash flow is also needed every day. If I only advertise once per month, or even less-then my cash flow is going to be a mess, and I am going to have an empty checkbook much of the time throughout the year…again, my Living Ad Budget Tool™ keeps me aware of precisely what I am planning, when it’s happening, how much it costs, and whether or not it’s going to work, or has worked. There’s no more guessing or worrying about whether I should or should not buy into an ad or coupon!
  4. End-of-year net profit is not guaranteed by a great summer, or even by a great car count!!! It’s guaranteed by first making sure your profits are in line, and then by getting the most work out of each bay, each hour you are open.  This is very difficult if you are only busy for a few months out of every year! Remember, it’s not a great summer that makes a great net income! It’s maximizing the dollars out of every bay, every hour!  Don’t wait to get marketing out if you need cars…if you wait, you’ll be more likely to make impulse buys on ads and those almost NEVER PAY OFF!!! So don’t wait! Do it NOW!
  5. Finally, I am sure by now that you’ve read some of the studies on the how much better off you are when you do marketing and advertising during a recession! If not, then take a look at articles like this from the Harvard Business School — it will prove to you that the idea of being in the mailboxes when no one else is will make your shop busy now….and much more stable much sooner than the competition who isn’t mailing!

Want more info, or want to know how the Automated Marketing Group can help your shop get ready for summer?  Give us a call at 1-866-520-3030 or drop us a lineThis is the same marketing we use in our shop to get results that nobody else has every been able to get close to!