Is Your Social Media Working For You?

Everyone knows how important Social Media is here in 2018. Over 65% of adults are using social media, meaning you’re missing out on a huge segment of the population if you’re not active on this medium.


Now that the world is more connected than ever, your business has the opportunity to engage with current and potential clients, spread your message, share your story and strengthen your brand simply by posting, tweeting and snapping!


At Automated Marketing Group, we’ve developed the best language, techniques and strategies to add and engage followers while fostering brand loyalty. In short, we make your social media work FOR you – spreading the word about your business to potential customers in an organic, meaningful way.


When orchestrated properly, a good social media campaign can make your current customers proud to be doing business with you, attract new eyeballs looking to spend money with quality people AND enhance your reputation in your community.


A good example of social media’s power can be found below:


One day last winter, the Detroit Dog Rescue truck had a bad day, suffering a flat tire during a snow storm.¬†Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts, an AMG client,¬†“rescued’ them, and put new tires on the truck for them. The good deed was then posted on Facebook by the charitable organization itself:

By Detroit Dog Rescue, who has over 184,000 followers on Facebook, tagging Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts on this one post, over 1,600 people took action and “liked” the that week, becoming familiar with the good Samaritan¬†business in the process.


The post was shared 146 times, with 97 notes of gratitude appearing in the comments section .¬†Kenny’s also received ten (10) new 5-star business reviews and grew their Facebook following by¬†236 social media users that week:

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