Fall Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Pumpkin chip bagels, pumpkin spiced chai, pumpkin filled ravioli, pumpkin flavored cookies… The sign out front of the grocery store touted “Over 60 pumpkin products!” They weren’t lying.

Welcome to fall.

But what do you do if you can’t just add a dash of pumpkin flavoring or slap the word “pumpkin” to the name of your product? How can you market above the gourd-shaped noise?

Here are our favorite fall marketing tips for small businesses, no pumpkin flavoring needed.

Be a resource.
If your customers are looking for the newest and greatest pumpkin spice goodies, help them find it! Tie the answers you have with the questions they are asking. Match your solutions to their problems. Turn your brand, your company, and your employees into the go-to resource for all of your customers needs. If you don’t know what to offer…

Listen to your customers.
Pay attention to your customers – in the store, in the community, on social media – and watch for trends. What are they talking about? What are they asking? What content do they engage with? These point you in the right direction. If you listen carefully, your customers will tell you what they want. Then…

Give them what they want.
This time of year, consumers are just starting to feel the pinch of the holidays on their wallets. So this is not the time to push products or hard sell – instead, offer tips for managing holiday schedules, gift giving guides, money saving tips, and the content they want to read. But when you aren’t sure what they want…

Ask them questions.
If you struggle to engage with your customers, reach out and start a conversation. Questions are an easy place to start, but don’t rely on contrived prompts. Have genuine interactions with your customers, in person and online, to build long term relationships.

For a personalized guide to fall marketing, call our team of experts at 303-703-8000. We’ll sit with you, one-on-one, for a free, no obligation marketing assessment to examine your business, your competition, and your marketing strategy for this fall.