As the competition for eyeballs and attention for brands/businesses gets more and more intense, marketing is increasingly becoming more and more about earning that attention as opposed to commanding it – and quality, organic content is the best means of earning that attention.

According to BusinessInsider.com, ad blockers are being used by approximately 30% of all internet users, meaning that traditional online ads are getting harder and harder to get in front of potential customers. As such, more of an emphasis is being placed on more organic content, which comes in the form of blogs, engaging social media posts, and various other content delivery vehicles that augment local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and help small businesses reach their audience via prominent online sources like Google.

On the social sphere, the entire concept of “viral” posts is based around being unique and organic – paid posts aren’t able to achieve this and these types of posts are also falling victim to the increasing prevalence of ad blockers throughout the digital realm. By incorporating trending topics such as holidays or prominent events into your social marketing platform, you’ll better be able to tap into a potentially favorable marketplace as, according to SmartInsights.com, a large percentage of consumers are influenced by social media when deciding what to spend their money on and where.

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