What the Trada shut down means for your PPC Advertising

Trada, the crowd sourced search engine “marketplace” in Boulder, Colorado, closed its doors on Monday, March 30, leaving its users to recover from the unexpected blow and attempting to restart their PPC advertising campaigns.

Founder and CEO Niel Robertson made the announcement with these words: “Trada began its truly innovative approach to managing paid search campaigns in 2008… While we are very proud of these accomplishments, today we must announce that we are unable to continue to operate Trada and PPCPath… These creditors have instructed us to cease operations of the Trada marketplace.”

The company paired businesses with PPC experts to manage search campaigns, including AdWords.

Former Trada clients now are forced to find a new solution for their paid search programs, manage in-house, or see interruptions in their campaigns.

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We’ll work to transfer your account management in the aftermath of the Trada shut down so you can continue seeing positive results from your paid search advertising.

Automated Marketing Group is a Google Partner! Our PPC professional, Kurt Henninger, is certified in Google AdWords, with the knowledge and training to manage successful campaigns for businesses.

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