Operating the Google Machine

Google will run every aspect of our lives one day! I am only half joking- but I’m actually afraid this might happen.

AMG Blog: Operating the Google Machine

Yet I, like all of us, continue to faithfully use its resources – I’m really just another one of the “sheep in the flock.”

Mainly, I’ve discovered, it is Google’s knack for producing a flawless user experience which keeps me coming back time and time again. People enjoy using Google, even if they don’t have the slightest inkling why. This is a testament to how good Google is at producing that flawless experience – we don’t even notice a process is taking place!

Here’s an example of a way Google makes you enjoy yourself without you knowing why. There is a common misconception that Google uses the number of times a site has been visited to choose which one comes first when you perform a search.

In reality, Google uses more complicated information, called an algorithm, which includes:

  • How relevant the site is to the search query
  • The quality of the recommendations the site has from other sites
  • How many clicks it takes for the users to get from your search result link to the information they need

Google applies these criteria to paid search ads too. The ad which earns the top spot on the page is not actually there because its creator threw down the most cash to have it show up first – relevancy is a huge part of where the ad shows up.
AMG Blog: Operating the Google Machine
Why do those three criteria matter so much to Google?

Take the number of clicks as an example. If you click on an ad and find yourself on a page which is not absolutely, directly relevant to what you want, do you want to be clicking all over the place on that site, and hunting around to find your answer?

The longer the hunt, the higher the user’s frustration becomes. Thus, Google improves user experience by optimizing every site based on how quickly you can find what you want – or, by which sites require the fewest clicks to get the user to achieve satisfaction.

This all may seem very silly, but, let’s be real, when you do a Google search, do you want to have to fish around for an answer and waste your precious time? I know I always want to find my answers ASAP. That means two or three clicks. Max. And what if I am on my smart phone? I can’t be pressing who knows how many buttons which are approximately 1/6 the size of my thumb to try to find my answer. In this day and age, I need my answer NOW.

By functioning almost exclusively in a way that eliminates these frustrations, Google creates an experience where we are un-knowingly un-frustrated – a state where it’s easy to forget about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Learn more about how Google uses keywords to optimize their user experience, or contact AMG today with any of your questions!  AMG has SEO experts on staff to help explain why your site might not be showing up when people search for your services.