When Randy Beeninga got into auto repair in 1974, he wished it had come with a manual. “You can get a manual for how to run a cheeseburger business,” said Randy. “But not this business.”

As a result, said Randy, “our marketing was weak!”

The owner of Foreign Accents in Greensboro, NC, paused to reflect on what had gone wrong with his advertising over the years. Time and again, his marketing failed to set him apart from his competition.

In the years before he started working with the Automated Marketing Group (AMG), his sales per day had seen steady decline each year by an average of $500/day. Total sales had fallen another $160,000 the year before he decided to change to AMG marketing.



One of the first things to change was the quality of his customers.

“I had older men come in to tell me how much my marketing touched them,”
said Randy. “Older gentlemen sharing their emotions was not what I was expecting.”

The marketing that Randy was using from AMG was driving customers who trusted Randy’s shop before they even did business at Foreign Accents. “This lady came into see me this week,” said Randy. “She had our marketing piece in her hand and told me, ‘you look like an honest person.’”

This effort to set Randy’s shop apart and attract the kind of customer who wants to listen to recommendations, maintain their vehicle, refer friends and family, and forge a lifelong relationship with a shop is perhaps best realized in Randy’s sales.

In the first year using AMG marketing, Randy’s sales per day grew by over $1000, leading to an annual increase of more than $379,000. The growth didn’t stop there. By his fifth year using AMG marketing, Randy’s shop had grown sales by over half a million.

“I’m so grateful we found AMG,” said Randy. “I only wish I had started sooner!”


This Marketing Works - Randy's Success