How I Grew My Shop By $200K


Driving Customers That Are READY TO BUY!

When Miles Vierck purchased a second location for Autocraft in March 2020, he hoped to leverage his technician and customer service experience to retain the customer base built by the previous owner.

Within weeks, however, that goal had changed significantly. Now Vierck had to figure out how to survive while the community went into lockdown.

“For two to three months, business was very, very slow,” said Vierck. “Every business that was non-essential had to go remote. It was very concerning.”


Survival was never the goal for Vierck, however. So when 2020 ended, and sales were essentially unchanged compared to the previous owner, Vierck got busy and hired a new technician to increase the shop’s production capacity.

But Vierck was still relying on word of mouth to drive traffic, and wasn’t spending any money to try to increase the car count.

In January 2021, that all changed.



That’s when Vierck contacted Automated Marketing Group (AMG) and began sending the Dear Neighbor Letter™ to target and attract the high-quality customers his shop needed to grow.


The results have been extraordinary, according to Vierck. “We’ve seen phenomenal results from the AMG direct mail marketing program,” said Vierck. “The team is so excited and motivated to help these new customers.”


After a 2020 that was essentially a copy of 2019’s sales and average repair order, Vierck reports that thanks to his new marketing plan, Autocraft Dishman is finally growing significantly in 2021.









The average repair order at Autocraft Dishman has grown by $127, to $522. Average monthly sales have also seen incredible growth, increasing by $12,202. That puts Vierck on pace to grow sales by more than $200,000 by year’s end.

Vierck gives credit to Automated Marketing Group and the Dear Neighbor Letter. “We’ve never had a mailer where the people that bring it in tell you what an awesome invitation it is and compliment the marketing,” said Vierck. “Nearly every ticket from these customers are good, larger repair orders. I’d strongly recommend that shop owners trust AMG with their marketing.”



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