Combatting the Fall Slowdown

Combat the Fall Slowdown!

It’s the same cycle every year. You hit the busy season running, and for a few incredible months, it’s all you can do to keep up with demand. It feels like you’ll never have to advertise again! Customers are buying almost faster than you can keep up! And then, just like every other year, the slowdown sets in. At first it feels good to catch your breath. But then employees are standing around without enough to do. Marketing becomes critical, but getting started now takes money that isn’t there to drive customers who won’t come until it’s too late.


And then, eventually, the cycle starts over again.


Is the yearly business slowdown inevitable? Are businesses doomed to riding this rollercoaster again and again?


No! You can keep the customer pipeline full all year long, and keep your business from the sickening ups and downs of this broken down rollercoaster.


But you have to stop thinking about marketing in terms of “too busy to advertise” and “too slow to afford advertising.” This is a TRAP, and it’s what keeps you strapped in and riding the up and down swings years after year.


The ONLY way off of this ride is with a seasonal marketing plan that uses your history, your customer base health, and your unique business to start filling your customer pipeline long before you think you need it.


Which means the ONLY way to escape the sickening, nauseating swings – and creating predictable, sustainable growth – is to start with measurement and analysis.

If your marketing company isn’t helping you measure results – results like improving customer base health, shrinking attrition rate, and other critical advanced analytics – then how can they build a seasonable marketing plan designed to eliminate that sickening up and down cycle?


When you’re ready to get off this crazy rollercoaster and keep your customer pipeline full all year long, contact Automated Marketing Group.


We’ll help you measure the RESULTS of your marketing, and build a seasonal marketing plan based on real data and analytics to create year-long demand so you can break the yearly slowdown cycle for good!



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