Marketing vs. Advertising

Marketing isn’t just about attracting customers – it’s about attracting the right kind of customers and retaining them. That means your marketing company should know ahead of time what makes a quality customer, what attracts a quality customer, how to target quality customers and how to measure to make sure you’re getting quality customers.

None of that is possible if you change direction every few weeks or months.

What kind of tracking and analytics should you be looking for?

A marketing company should be able to show you whether your customer base is becoming more or less loyal over time. If you start running deep discounts, your car count will probably skyrocket…but so will your lost customer rate. On the contrary, when you start to do marketing that builds relationships (and your customer service and branding), you’ll see the rate at which you lose customers drop. Not coincidentally, it usually means less chaos in the shop as well.

This all comes down to your marketing company. Are they trying to feed you meaningless numbers to keep you happy? Or are they invested in your long-term growth? That’s not a small distinction, and can be the difference between another year of scraping by or finally starting to grow your business sustainably.

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