Permanent Trend: Mobile Integration

As we all know, people are pretty much on their phones 24/7 nowadays. With eyeballs constantly on mobile devices as opposed to more traditional media sources like TVs or billboards, the tablet/smartphone-sphere is definitely an appealing realm for marketers to try and be a part of.

Most modern digital resources integrate with mobile platforms relatively smoothly but the technology is constantly evolving and small business owners should try to stay on top of mobile marketing trends, such as those listed below:

According to a recent article, the next few months should see an increase in the amount of “Augmented Reality” on mobile devices. The advent of 5G technology will make smartphones faster than ever before and this will allow customers to tour virtual stores, check out hotel facilities, and experience a number of other virtual elements without having to physically engage with them.

The increasingly-cluttered world wide web has also led to greater difficulties for marketers to obtain consistently strong organic mobile search results from Google. In order to break through the mobile clutter, advertisers are experimenting with different methods for optimizing their SEO efforts – it’s an evolving art/science that sees constant algorithm changes.

Given that smartphones are largely seen as an extension of one’s self, personalization is increasingly becoming important to marketers in the mobile arena. With Artificial Intelligence beginning to infiltrate the tech landscape, it will become increasingly easy for sophisticated computer programs to tailor content towards individual smartphone users, meaning anything not customized will be relegated to SPAM status and ignored.

However you engage with your customers via mobile platforms, staying on top of the industry is now more important than ever!

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