Why We Do What We Do

At AMG, we believe it’s not what you do. It’s not even how you do it. It’s WHY you do it that matters.

Automated Marketing Group was born out of a need to support local business owners. Years before we even considered starting a marketing company, our sister company, Auto Profit Masters, was bringing auto shop solutions to shop owners across the country. But when clients would ask for help building a website or crafting a direct mail campaign, we couldn’t find a good company to refer.

We couldn’t find another marketing firm that would put the client first. Sure, they all said they did, but none actually followed through with this promise. These companies relied on tricks and gimmicks. They promised that just getting someone through the door was enough. They didn’t care if the person was a quality, long-term customer or a one-time, price-shopping complainer. They didn’t track results, take time to understand the client’s industry, or even care if the business succeeded at all.

But we do.

We never intended to start a marketing company. But we couldn’t find another company who knew how to find GREAT Customers or who could produce SUSTAINABLE results – so we created one.

Putting the client first isn’t just a catchy phrase we throw around our website – it’s the whole purpose behind our company. It’s our reason for being. It’s our “Why.”

And we know what it takes because we’ve been there. We are a small business, and we understand the needs of business owners first hand. And over the years we spent launching and operating our small businesses, we made every mistake. We listened to all the wrong “experts.” We fell into every trap. We nearly lost everything – our money, our family, our hope… our belief that the business could succeed.

But we believe you deserve to avoid the mistakes we made. We believe you can succeed. And we believe that if you come to us, follow us, and learn from our experience, you can avoid the heartache and loss we went through.

The entire team at AMG genuinely puts the client first, always. We are here to serve you. We look out for those who don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to do it better on their own.

That is our mission. That is our “Why.”