The newest employee’s perspective at AMG

I am guessing by the title of this blog I am already found out. That is me; I am the newest addition at a small, family-run business, known as Automated Marketing Group (AMG). Graduating from Metropolitan State College of Denver in 2003 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences, I never would have envisioned myself within the Marketing/Advertising realm. Who really gets to do something directly linked to their college degree anyway? Ten years ago I received my start in an industry I absolutely love. That’s right folks: the Marketing & Advertising industry.


With only a few short weeks under my belt and no prior digital or online experience, the amount of learning and education is unmeasurable for an online marketing new-be like me. Personally, I don’t even watch commercials – that’s the time to fast forward, take a bathroom break, or fill up the snack bowl. The future is online. There is online shopping, social networking, and websites, and you cannot forget about online marketing.

In my entire seven years working within a large commercial advertising firm, I had never realized the importance of having a business website that will work for you, to produce more clients and customers for your business. More clients usually mean more revenue. Am I right? I was amazed sitting with my Manger while he provided a free website assessment for a client. Originally, I believed it was the pretty pictures and the language of the site that made a website successful. Come to find out, during the most educational moment for myself so far, it is also what is on the inside of a website that will make it successful.

There a few things that is extremely important in order in order to get a website to generate more business. There needs to be a clearly defined goal or objective; this may be a real estate professional working toward increasing the number of listings or attracting more buyers. The keywords the everyday consumer will search on Google, Bing, are also important because they will enable prospects to find your website with ease. Website design, quality content, and organization are also key aspects.

Automated Marketing Group is revamping the image and culture of marketing for small businesses. In the few short weeks I have been with AMG, I have been extremely impressed. For somebody like myself that enjoys learning, having a positive impact for customers, along with having a great energy, I am a proud and excited to be a part of this innovative company. There will never be a dull moment!