Content Marketing


Great content is the center of any good marketing plan. Website, social media, blogging, SEO… each of these elements relies on quality content to be successful.

A content marketing strategy brings fresh content to your online presence, website, and social media. For our clients, an important element of our content marketing plan is blogging.

Business Blogging

A business blog provides fresh and changing content to your website, which in turn drives traffic. Our business blogging service offers your business a monthly (or more) optimized industry related post. We will set up and manage the blog on your website, publishing content each month to:

  • Establish authority by publishing content that demonstrates your expertise
  • Keep your business in front of your customers, creating top of mind awareness
  • Build a relationship by letting you communicate with your customers
  • Boost SEO by adding indexed, optimized pages to your site every month
  • Encourage customers to visit, improve ranking, and drive traffic to your website


  • Monthly blog posts
  • Blog section on your website
  • Industry related articles
  • Content optimized for SEO