When’s the right time to stop caring about your business’s success?

Never, right? If you were to stop caring, you could lose everything you’ve worked to build. All of that hard work, all of that risk would end up meaning nothing.


It might seem ridiculous to think about not caring about your business’ success, but if you reframe that question a different way, the answer might be very different depending on who you ask.


Case and point: “When is the right time to cut back on advertising?”


When a business owner cuts back on advertising, they might be telling themselves, “I am too busy right now and can’t handle more customers” or “I am too slow right now and can’t afford to advertise” but in business, the intent doesn’t matter, only the end result.


And the end result is that the business owner is saying, “I do not want to control the quality of customers that I am getting or how many I get.”


The truth is, top operations will change their marketing strategy depending on the time of year, sometimes focusing more on attracting high-quality new customers, sometimes bending that focus to bring in higher volumes during slower times of the year. But one thing that top businesses never do is turn off the faucet of new customers and leave their future to chance.


Adjusting the type of advertising to the time of year and the business’s needs is a critical part of a seasonal marketing plan, and is a critical part of how Automated Marketing Group delivers consistent results year after year and decade after decade to clients.


The next time you feel like your business is too busy or too slow to advertise, instead reach out to Automated Marketing Group. Our experts can help you create a plan that lets you control your growth, hit your goals, and thrive in any economy!


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