How Email Marketing Can Increase Business Sales

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When you are considering which marketing services to utilize, you need to know how each option will affect your particular business goals. Email marketing can be a powerful tool to boost sales and create strong customer connections when it’s used properly. Let’s learn more about these great digital marketing services and how they can affect your online marketing efforts.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to the marketing technique in which businesses collect email addresses through organic interactions with customers and clients. When customers voluntarily sign up for emails from a company, that company can use the communication channel to deliver marketing messages. Ethical business practices require that email collection be done on a voluntary basis only.

How Can Email Marketing Help Your Business?

The first way that email marketing can help your business is by creating a communication channel for you and your customers. You will be able to use the email list you have created and share information with the customer. Keeping a communication channel open with a customer is crucial to long-term marketing success. You want to have consistent access to your customers.

Another way this marketing technique can be used is to help to create customer loyalty. If email communications are warm, friendly, and interesting, your customers will want to open those emails to see what you are sharing. Email marketing can also be a powerful way to inform your customers of new sales, promotions, or events.

Will Email Marketing Increase Sales?

Email marketing has been shown to effectively increase sales for many businesses, as according to Campaign Monitor, consumers spent about 138% more as a result of email marketing. Keeping a steady communication channel with a customer makes it more likely to grab their attention at just the right moment to share a new product or discount. Email marketing can be far more effective than some other digital marketing techniques. For instance, even ranking high on Google SERPs may not have the same effect as a marketing email sent directly to a customer. The experts at Finances Online cite that local queries make up nearly half of Google’s yearly searches. But a random online search may not provide a customer with the customized marketing message that a personal email would.

If you are not currently tapping into the marketing services of email marketing, you should definitely consider this power tool. At Automated Marketing Group you will be working with a team qualified and passionate group of marketers. Feel free to reach out now to begin your journey with us!

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