Debbie grew her  gross sales by 33% this year, powered in large part by an average RO increase by 45% from 2020 to 2021, all the way up to $575!

Debbie’s path wasn’t clear or easy.  She was debating throwing in the towel and closing her long-standing business.  She was frustrated and near her end.  A Goal Planning session with AMG helped her realized the gold mine she was sitting on, and not realizing.  Debbie made several changes to the business, including increasing her direct mail plan focused on driving loyal, trusting customers who were ready to buy!  Her plan was customized for her shop, her staff, and her community.  But that’s why it was so powerful.  And why a plan for your shop could be just as impactful for everyone on your team.

Let’s discuss how quickly we can build a plan for your shop and using the same recipe that turned Debbie’s shop around, and make your 2022 lifechanging for you and your team.  Call us at 866-520-3030 or sign up below!



Debbies Recipe - Free Marketing Assessment