Veenstra’s employees always respectfully answered all my questions about how best to maintain my car, how urgent a recommended repair was or the factors involved in waiting a bit. Though I live close to Veenstra’s, I’m older and always appreciated how cheerfully and quickly Veenstra’s provided me with rides home. At times, totally unrelated to any current service issues, Veenstra’s helped me understand how my car worked, what various parts were, and how best to take good care of my car. I never felt pressured to have potentially unnecessary work done on my car. Veenstra’s consistently earned my trust and have maintained and repaired my car for many years.

Veenstra’s Garage has an experienced, efficient and courteous staff. All work done there is done right the FIRST time which I like. I’ve been getting work done on my car at Veenstra’s for six years.

I’m very happy with your service and let other friends know about your care.

Very trustworthy, fast, and reliable. I’ve never had to take my car back in after a repair – but even if I did, I know they would make it right. My favorite shop!

I have been having a problem with the entire car shaking when the engine was under a load. I had taken the car a couple of other places to try and resolve the issue but no one dug deep enough to figure it out. You guys figured out what the problem is. I have not had it corrected yet because now that I know what is wrong I can compensate for it and know why the car is shaking. When it gets worse I will have you guys fix it. Thanks!

Yesterday, my vehicle rolled over to 500,000 miles. Your shop played a role in that and I appreciate it.

This morning in the middle of the terrible, windy sub-zero weather, I blew a tire. I had my 8 year old daughter in the car with me. We limped into Veenstra’s on the wheel rim and the team made space in the garage for our car and put on a spare, free of charge. I was touched by their kindness and community spirit.

I feel safe and confident entrusting my cars to your care. They are family members deserving of respect. Thank you for the excellent service.

Their customer service is amazing. I managed to accrue some damage to my car over the weekend and the crew at Veenstra’s worked as hard and fast as they could (and around my schedule) to get my car going for a road trip that I needed to to take that following Wednesday. They even dropped me off at work and picked me up while they worked on my car and had it ready to go a full day before my upcoming road trip. Thanks Veenstra’s!

Thank you so much for replacing my headlamp. I didn’t even know it was out until my friend happened to be in front of me on the way home from work and let me know. The service guys were friendly and took care of the problem immediately.

What I respect about Veenstra’s Garage is that you are a business that repairs cars.  Many shops that I have dealt with in the past repaired cars but were not a very good business.  I may pay a little more, but it is worth it knowing how well you take care of me and my vehicles.